Our Mission

Our priority as a small company is your personal well-being and we aim to provide the best product that meet your needs. We care about your taste, your budget, your privacy and of course, about your concerns when buying online.

Sex is a crucial part of our nature, it’s in the core of our biology. Any adult interested in improving their overall health should consider buying sex dolls or sex toys without the unnecessary need to give anyone any explanation.

Location: Atlanta GA, United States.

Contact us: hello@sexdollalley.com

Got Questions? Text us : (404) 720 3013

User Shopping Experience

 1. Customize your sex doll through our site (www.sexdollalley.com) or contact us to get a personalized shopping experience through our customer service team (hello@sexdollalley.com).

2. Checkout and pay at ease through our SSL Encrypted Checkout, you can use with any visa, master card, AMEX, Discover, Paypal or AmazonPay.

3. Receive your order confirmation email.

4. Sex Doll production and manufacturing starts.

5. Finishing your sex doll. We inspect and document all of our sex dolls before shipping.

6. Packaging and shipping your sex doll.

7. Shipping confirmation email with tracking number for you to keep an eye on delivery!

8.Sex Doll delivery.

Time to enjoy of your new companion!