2024 Sex Doll Buyers Guide

2024 Sex Doll Buyers Guide

Truth is, there's so much that comes into having a regular business, now, being in the adult novelty product industry with all of the registrations, permits and certifications it requires, not to mention the couple banks that would actually take your business. It's definitely not easy, nor is it cheap!

Our priority is your personal well-being and we aim to provide the best product that meet your needs. We care about your taste, your budget, your privacy and of course, about your concerns when buying online.

Sex is a crucial part of our nature, it’s in the core of our biology. Any adult interested in improving their overall health should consider buying sex dolls or sex toys without the unnecessary need to give anyone any sort of explanation.

Due to the struggles that people are facing when it comes to dating nowadays, especially man, are lonelier than ever. The sex doll industry is booming, and all of the options you find online can be a bit overwhelming.

There are several reasons people are opting to buy lifelike realistic sex dolls, they can provide companionship and sexual satisfaction at any hour of the day.

In my experience, I have noticed people use sex dolls because they don't have to worry about the other person not wanting to have sex as much as they do or having any other kind of opinion. It's like having a remote control toy car that you can just turn on and off whenever you want. Plus, you don't even have to worry about finding someone compatible with you. It's like having a Barbie doll that never says no. And, according to a survey by the International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics, more than half of all sex doll owners say it's the closest thing to a real relationship. So, basically, people use sex dolls because it's like having a robot girlfriend who's always up for it.

If you’re new to the products and don’t know where to start, we will help you with this detailed guide.

I will talk about every type of sex doll, from premium authentic designers to the cheapest dolls. 

There's so much you need to know about these cuties before you lose your precious money to a con artist.

To help you understand this product the best, I need to go through the materials and production process first.

What are real sex dolls made of ?

The skin of a real sex doll is made of MGS, which stands for Medical Grade Silicone or TPE which stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer.

Both MGS and TPE can be mixed at different grades, some are made with higher quality standards than others, the higher the quality, the softer, more durable the skin will be. Their Skeleton is made of metal with flexible joints, and again, the quality of the skeleton and the mobility of the joints varies between manufacturers.

What are the 2023 Leading Sex Doll Brands: WM and YL Doll made by Jinsan Doll, JY, 6YE, Victoria, SY, Irontech, Jarliet, Piper, DollForever, DollHouse, RealDoll and Zelex. 

premium sex dolls

The one and only sex doll studio in United States is RealDoll, the rest manufacturers are located in China and Japan.

Premium Authentic Real Sex Dolls

These dolls are hand made with meticulous care to the finest details. This extra care results in extreme realism and it will take your experience to full capacity, with hand painted eyeballs, amazingly soft skin and texturized vaginal walls. Not to mention the nice bouncy breasts and extremely well contoured pussy lips.

Realistic Sex doll labia - sexdollalley.com

They are made with high quality medical-grade macro-molecule, platinum cured silicone. The platinum prevents the doll from “sweating” oil, which can sometimes happen to non-platinum cured silicone or TPE. In addition, the joints will be made of stainless steel or aluminum and will be strong and long lasting.  

Examples of Premium authentic sex doll brands:


Mid-Range Sex Dolls

If you're new to the product, it might be hard to tell the difference between a high end WM sex doll and a mid range Jarliet sex doll. Dolls at this price and quality level get the basics right, but the small, finest details and quality in the materials is not the best.  These dolls are made of medium to low-grade silicone, not cured, or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), they don't last as long, and upon close inspection you may notice lack of texture in their holes and makeup flaws.

The skeletons will still be metal, however, they will be thinner and lighter.  The joints will also be a bit more flimsy and won't be able to hold many positions.

Examples of mid quality sex doll brands:


Entry-Level Sex Dolls

Entry level sex dolls are great for first time doll buyers. Specially mini (100cm) and petite (140cm) sex dolls, they are light-weight which means they are easier to handle than full-size dolls. convenient for those who aren’t sure about the product, yet very curious as whether they’ll enjoy the doll or not. 

Entry Level sex doll brands


Alright lovers, I hope this helps in the search of your perfect beautiful doll ;) . Please contact us with any questions and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter for a chance to get a free sex doll.



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