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Our Mission

Our priority as a small company is your personal well-being and we aim to provide the best product that meet your needs. We care about your taste, your budget, your privacy and of course, about your concerns when buying online.

Sex is a crucial part of our nature, it’s in the core of our biology. Any adult interested in improving their overall health should consider buying sex dolls or sex toys without the unnecessary need to give anyone any explanation. 

Welcome To Our Store.

All [Sex Doll] Models on this website are available in Stock and We Offer Express Delivery For These [Ready To Ship Sex Dolls].

Use Our Customization Tool to Create, Modify or Enhance your doll simply by selecting the customization tool button.

If You´re into Fantasy Sex Dolls, maker her an Elf, Anime, BBW, Black, Asian, Latina, Caucasian, you name it.

Choose Your Sex Doll´s Body + Head. Proceed with Breasts and Vagina types.

Get Creativer with her skin color. We have from Tan to Green Goblin or Blue Avatar.

Nipple + Labia Color, Eye Color, Wig Style and more.

Free Shipping For All US and CAN Orders.

We sell authentic and non branded sex dolls since 2016.

US veteran owned corporation.

***In September 2022 we decided to improve this site for speed and versatility. We left only the Non-Branded [Best Selling Sex Dolls] in stock and transitioned our [Premium Brand Sex Dolls] to SEX DOLL INC.

We did this in order to provide more payment options and accessibility for our customers.

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Hours of Operation

Monday - Thursday:  9:00 am - 9:00 pm (ET)
Friday: 9:00am - 4:00pm (ET)
Saturday and Sunday: Closed (Email Customer Service Only)
Location: Atlanta GA, United States.

Contact us any time:

(404) 720 3013

Customer Privacy:
Payments are discreet, your bank statement will show as "Tactishop"
Your doll will be shipped in a plain brown box.
Your name is not publicly displayed in our customer reviews.

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