Removable Vagina Sex Doll Accessory

Removable Vagina Sex Doll Accessory
Removable Vagina - The Perfect Girlfriend - American Sex Doll - United States
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This accessory makes your doll easy to clean. Pull it out from your doll, wash it with soap and water, dry it (do not use heater, hair dryer or any other extreme heating devices), spread a bit of baby powder on it and then insert it back into the doll.

This removable vagina has an ultra-realistic texture like a real vagina. The rough texture inside will offer an unbelievable satisfaction.

If you're purchasing this vagina as a replaceable, please beware it can only be used with dolls with removable vagina option. If your doll has a fixed vagina, this item cannot be used. If you're adding this to your order, your doll will be built only to use removable vaginas.