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Each auction starts at $1 (usd).

DATE TO BE DECIDED. This event has to meet the required amount of participants in order to run.

Once date is set, we will notify each participant with a private link to the auction. 

All participants will be able to watch the bidding live as it goes up.

The winner will be contacted in regards of the customization of his doll.
Up to 10 entry tickets are allowed per participant, allowing them a better chance to get a sex doll for an extremely low rate

Please make sure you make an account in our store before the auction date so you’re ready to bid!

january sex doll auction winner

SEX DOLL IN AUCTION :  Jenee Army Sex Doll (WM 166cm)

Retail Value : $1999.00

Jenee Army Sex Doll (WM 166cm)Jenee Army Sex Doll (WM 166cm)Jenee Army Sex Doll (WM 166cm)Jenee Army Sex Doll (WM 166cm)FEBRUARY SEX DOLL AUCTION - $1 STARTING BIDFEBRUARY SEX DOLL AUCTION - $1 STARTING BID