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WM is a JS doll brand along with YL and Sino. These brands take so much pride in their premium sex doll designs that they don't compromise quality over speed. The waiting time to receive these cuties is slower than any other brand. If you fall for a WM design, please feel free to ask me how long it's taking to deliver these dolls (404) 720 3013 . 

The production and delivery times vary depending on the season and the model. 

Please note that if you're outside of the US, I can't reply to your texts, but I still receive them, so I can email you back as soon as I see your text.

If you're not seeing the cutie you want, just let me know!

Authentic WM Doll

Now, some of you have been asking me how can we  prove the authenticity of these dolls. So here we go!

Every WM doll comes with an authenticity code, you scratch it and verify it directly on their website.

wm proof of authenticity