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Premium vs Generic

What's the difference between premium sex dolls and generic sex dolls?

Naturally, like any other product in the market, the authentic brand will most likely put more effort and pride into their sex dolls.

So, even though our Generic Sex Dolls are a great deal, if you're looking for quality, detail and extreme realism, you will definitely want to get a Premium Authentic Real Sex Doll.

Here's a small but obvious comparison to show you the detail that goes into authentic dolls:

authentic real sex dolls and counterfeit

These are the holes of WM, YL and Irontech sex dolls compared to our own generic dolls.

As you can see, we provide premium authentic brand sex dolls like WM, 6YE, YL, Piper, Irontech, 6YE and DS. These are the highest quality sex dolls on the market. However, If you are a first time doll buyer, unsure of whether you'll enjoy this product or not and don't want to spend the big bucks on an authentic sex doll, we will hook you up with the best generic sex doll design at an unbeatable price.

Our quality control with our generic dolls is diligent and we make sure the generic dolls look like the dolls you see on the pictures (unless you customize).

Example #1:

Jenee The Army Sex Doll (WM 166cm) 

On the left, Sex Doll Alley's generic Jenee, on the right WM Jenee Model.

jenee authentic vs generic sex doll

Example #2:

Julia Sex Doll (WM 157cm)

On the left, WM's Julia model (157cm), on the right Sex Doll Alley's Generic Julia model (140cm).

julia authentic vs generic

Believe me, we have done our homework with manufactures, and factory visits, we have already spent the money on trial and error with our products. Save yourself from scammers and trust us.

You will find generic dolls all over the internet, they use the brand's stock photos but they don't even deliver the right looks.

Example 1.

On the left you see a sex doll bought from one of our competitors selling mini real dolls and on the right you can see our beautiful Lucy doll. Both generic, definitely not the same quality:

Example 2.

On the left you see our best selling mini doll Tina and on the right a mini sex doll bought from one of our competitors selling mini real dolls. Both generic, definitely not the same quality:

quality mini sex dolls

All of our factories use the latest eco-friendly material (TPE), they work with an advanced production process, making the doll's skin smooth and delicate, providing an ultra-realistic look and skin like feeling to the touch. The dolls are built from a steel articulated skeleton which makes them fully posable

All materials complied with the National Health & Safety Standards, they are harmless to human and environment-friendly.

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