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Hey hey hey!!

I've been gathering information for this article and thinking about what I want to give my wonderful customers to read. During my research, I happened to come across a couple blogs about "The Perfect Girlfriend", wait... what? really? it honestly took me by surprise! I couldn't believe people were talking about us, some positive, some not so much, but I completely understand, opinions can be as different and colorful as life itself, and that is the beauty of it, we are in the home of the free after all, I respect people's point of view and I love to take feedback as an opportunity to grow. While reading through these articles it came to my attention that this particular person couldn't get over the name "The Perfect Girlfriend" for a sex doll retail store, so she gave me the idea for this blog.

“Women are looking for the perfect cock in a sex shop?" Said no man ever.

C'mon, most men don't care!! if anything, they'll cheer for us when we decide to go to town with a sex toy. But when it comes to men’s sexuality we women love to make it all about ourselves. Every time I  read a blog of a woman trying to interject herself into a man's sexual “relationship” with a doll, all I can think of is how sad and egocentric this human being has become that she feels threatened by a lifeless object. She doesn’t care that human trafficking is one of the fastest growing activities of transnational criminal organizations, she's not thinking the person buying a sex doll might be disabled and it causes him anxiety to go on a date with a woman, or it could be a couple trying to spice up their sex life, a lonely widow dealing with isolation, a wife getting a present for her husband while she spends some time away for work or even a reserved gay person who's too afraid of coming out. Trust me, the possibilities are endless. But her mind is so foggy and distorted that she’s bothered by the fact that any man can buy a masturbation device to satisfy his sexual desires without having to deal with the traumatic experience of taking a girl on a date, so she wants to defeat the and vanish them from the market. Oftentimes we get thrown at big concepts like “patriarchy”, “women objectification”, “sex dolls promote rape”, “men want sex slaves”. The fact is that the way we think influences how we interact with the world around us. Why can't we focus our energy in a more positive activity, maybe some yoga, a run, a good read, lifting, perhaps sex? Ha! you'd be surprised. Why opt for sexual repression? wasn't this an 1800's concept?

The more rational our thinking pattern gets, the bigger our world will be ;) .