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The Guide To Sex Doll Accessories

The Guide To Sex Doll Accessories
Our sex doll accessories go from $30 to $150.

We have set a one price fits all brands but each brand and manufacturer has a different style and quality to their accessories.

Suspension hook: This accessory allows you to keep you doll’s body suspended from a bar, or a closet. Please keep in mind the closet should be secure and well anchored to the wall or the ceiling. The weight of the doll will not be supported by a mobile closet rack.

sex doll suspension hook


Body Warming:   We struggle with this add on, A LOT. We have it available in our website because some customers love this feature, but we don’t recommend it because it compromises the quality of the doll and shortens her lifespan.

Moaning: This feature is another best seller sex doll accessory, this add on has 3 trigger points (breasts x2 and vagina x1) .The feature gives the doll a “voice” and provides “feedback” when turned on. She will moan when you touch any of her trigger points and it has a high and low volume button and an on/off button.

Detachable Penis: Turn her into a Tranny. You can insert this add-on penis and she will become a shemale! 
Note this add on is only compatible for dolls sex dolls built for a removable vagina.It fits dolls over 100cm.Must be ordered along with your doll for a better fit.

Standing Feet: This is one of our best selling sex doll accessories and we highly recommend it. Keep in mind, they are still dolls and they don’t have muscles to support their weight up, but this feature avoids the doll’s feet from getting damaged while on standing positions. 

Removable Vagina:    74% of our returning customers have reported enjoying a fixed vagina better than a removable one, they say it feels more realistic.

Teeth and tongue kit: This kit is awesome for playful looks and realistic texture for oral sex (the teeth are also made of TPE).Please note that our generic dolls come with a detached tongue, mainly for looks, but it doesn’t stay in place for oral sex. 

Pubic Hair: Many customers love the pubic hair option, we have the basic style available on our website but there are several designs, again, if you’ve seen a pubic hair style you like, let us know and we’ll be happy to get it for you without any additional charge.

Change her looks with these add ons.

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